Open InVerDa Console

After registering and loging in to InVerDa open the InVerDa Console to write Evolution Skripts and experience the developers perspective.

Write Database Evolution Skript

You can either write your own Database Evolution Skript or you can load an example as shown in the picture. Execute the Script using the respective button. Afterwards you can inspect the log writen during the execution. However, inspecting the outcome from the user perspective is definitively the more convinient way. See next step.

Open InVerDa Explorer

Here you can inspect all schema versions, manipulate data in any schema version, and immediatly observe the effect on the other schema versions. The next two steps show an example.

Example: Insert a new ToDo

Insert a new ToDo as illustrated.

Open InVerDa Console

See how the new ToDo is propagated to the other schema versions immediatly. Feel free to play around with the different schema versions. The whole propagation of data accesses is created purely base don the executed Database Evolution Script, which is orders of magnidue less lines of code compared to a tradional hand-written solution.